About Us

Eraada believes in the adage: if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well. To achieve that goal, we have reinvented how business is done in the technical services industry. We offer a complete rage of services and implement service standards and process benchmarks that are generally not associated with this industry. By establishing this, we are changing the landscape of the industry.

We are most passionate about how we connect with our customers and about how our customers perceive us. That perception depends on how we do things, which is why we are taking our services to a different level. Our logic is simple if we improve how we do things, we will improve the results we get.

For a service-oriented company, the key stakeholder is the customer. As a result, our business practices have evolved around creating a professional, positive and easy experience for clients. From the politeness of our customer service staff to the expertise of our frontline team, we assess everything, get feedback and find ways to make things even better.

With integrity and intelligence, we can achieve a more satisfying outcome for our customers, our partners and our community. We have combined quality work with speed, efficiency and reliability to create a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation. Our skilled multinational manpower is fully equipped to handle the challenges of tomorrowÕs marketplace.

Our industry alliances and partnerships give us an insight into the latest global trends and help us incorporate best practices and cost-effective methods. We have adopted tough quality control standards, streamlined client service and management procedures. At the community level, we have development programmes and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Environment protection and sustainability is a priority area for us, and to ensure this, we have put in place market-leading regulations.

All our resources are focused on driving forward our ambition and our pursuit of excellence to serve you better.

Welcome to the Eraada experience. We promise you will find it uniquely satisfying.

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